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All-Natural Muscle Ache & Pain Reliever

Begins Working in Minutes – if it Hurts,
Protease-NK Comes to the Rescue!

Try Protease-NK first for all those everyday aches and pains.

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  • Proteases (Proteolytic Enzymes) – Widely recommended and used in Germany over the last 40 years
  • Includes Nattokinase - the most powerful protease known
  • Protection for a healthy cardio-vascular system
  • Helps maintain cellular integrity
  • 120 vegetarian capsules per bottle
  • Exclusively available here at Natural Living!

Proteolytic enzymes (Proteases) are protein digesting enzymes used by the entire body circulation - not just for digestion. Proteases, once absorbed, act as scavengers - literally digesting and cleaning up the microcirculation of fibrin and other inert protein particles.

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  • Take 2 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of water. (Once first thing in the morning, and then upon retiring for bed.)

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Protease NK Reviews From Our Customers!

5 Star Review so this was a wonderful find. We are VERY happy to report that ... April 19, 2016

By: C. Lemarr

We just tried this for the first time yesterday. We have allergies/sensitivities to most OTC pain medications, so this was a wonderful find. We are VERY happy to report that it works very well, headache gone after one dose. We will keep this in our holistic medicine cabinet at all times.Thank you!!

5 Star Review Thank you God! September 23, 2013

By: gracie

I have several painful ailments. FM, nerve pain due to Diabetes, and arthritis. I do not like taking the pain medication the doctors give me as they are getting stronger and stronger and does little to ease pain. I was looking for something that helped the digestion for the FM problem and came across Protease NK Enzymes and decided to try it. It helped with the digestion problem and also it has helped with the pain. It dulls the pain enough I can function so much better. And lately the blood sugars and going down to more acceptable numbers. I feel more alive. Thank you God!

5 Star Review An answer to my search for effective, non addicting, no side effect pain relievers January 22, 2015

By: Kindle Customer

Have been using this for some years now and find it reduces the pain and especially at night it helps me to sleep because I remain more physically comfortable.....there are no problems with side effects, no addiction problems. It works much better than prescribed drugs.

5 Star Review Reduces the pain of my sports injuries March 23, 2014

By: Kath Stewart

This product has significantly reduced the inflammation of my old sports injuries and reduces the pain far more than the over-the-counter pain relievers I have been using.

5 Star Review Protease-NK May 20, 2014

By: Kindle Customer

{...} I have had two severely compressed disks in my lower back that I have managed well with optimal levels of antioxidants and minerals for almost 20 years. I started taking Protease-NK a few months ago for a knee problem at the suggestion of my chiropractor, and after following the instructions (you take 10/day for 12 days, then reduce to 4/day) I did notice some relief with my knee, but eventually I stopped taking it. Fast forward - I do not remember what the trigger was, but I developed a persistent low-grade sciatica about 2 months ago radiating out from my lower back. It went ballistic last week. I don't take OTC pain meds - too many insanely toxic "inert ingredients" - and I avoid prescription meds as much as possible, so decided to try the Protease-NK again. Long-story-short, these enzymes are the ONLY thing that touches the pain. Frankly, if my medical doctor had laughed at the idea that enzymes, vitamins or minerals could have a positive effect on my ability to manage my health and well being, I would start looking for another doctor. As an alternative to OTC or prescription meds for pain associated with arthritis, joint and sciatica, this product has definitely helped me. Will it help you? Everyone is different, so I can't answer that question. Is it worth trying? I think so. But I also suggest that you DO check with your doctor or healthcare practitioner before starting something new, do your research, because if you are taking other products, supplements or prescription meds, you want to be sure there are no contra-indications.
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